A gift that supports the library, year after year.  By giving to the library’s endowment fund today, you will provide us with a steady stream of revenue that ensures the health and vitality of the library for future years to come.There are many opportunities for giving to the Way Public Library Foundation Endowment Fund.  For additional information, please contact Lisa Richard, Foundation Administrator at (419) 874-3135 ext. 139 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why Have an Endowment Fund?

If there was ever an organization that ought to think, talk and plan in terms of permanency, it is the library foundation.  We all assume that the Way Public Library is here to stay and will maintain its level of service for the residents of Perrysburg for generations to come.  As funding for libraries in the State of Ohio continues to decrease, the threat of reduced building hours, materials, staff and services is always a viable reality.

The Way Foundation takes its role in building the Endowment Fund very seriously.  The establishment of an Endowment Fund is a statement to the community that the library is preparing itself for the future.

Contribute to the Endowment Fund by making a donation today.  Also, don’t forget to include Way Public Library in your will or estate plan.